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Nephrologists for several clinics in Spain (f/m)


Job description


Person is responsible to assess the clinic situation of the patients, plan the treatment and monitor their evolution. Incumbent is responsible for the admission of new patients and transfer them to other therapeutic units if need it. Elaborate reports of the patients and participate in the leadership of the clinical functions.

In detail, it involves:


  • Implement policies and guidelines of the company regarding care protocols and clinical key indicators

  • Under the supervision of the Head Doctor prescribe renal therapy most appropriate for each patient

  • Register prescription, treatment and other parameters in clinical information systems of the company

  • Fill out the documents and clinic reports of patients in the company systems

  • Comply with all applicable regulations and procedures

  • Develop indicators according to the quality of care provided by the quality system, the bind and corporate guidelines

  • Ensure that patient care treatment is carried out under corporate standards (Hygiene Guide, Good Practice Guide, etc.)

  • Participate in the quality meetings leaded by the Head Doctor

  • Collaborate in the development and implementation of the care policy defined by the company

  • Conduct the research and analysis tasks that are assigned

  • Reception patients and provide continuous patient care

  • Follow organizational and healthcare indications provided by the Head Doctor

  • Give clinical information and health advice to patients and families meeting the requirements of the Data Protection Act

  • Attend training courses established by the company

  • Collaborate in the training of nurses and nursing assistant when need it

  • Jointly with Head Doctor, assess the clinical situation of the patients when necessary or requested

  • Deputy of Head Doctor temporarily when proposed by Medical Director and appointed by the Director of the Business Unit

  • Collaborate in the health inspections carried out in the center

  • Elaborate the reports that are defined in the protocols of the company quality system


Job requirements


  • Physician University Education. Specialty in Nephrology. Diploma expended in Spain or validated in Spain

  • Analytic skills and decision taken

  • Social skills specially focus on patient orientation and communication ability

  • IS-IT user skills; ability to manage internal programs and systems of the company

  • Excellent knowledge on dialysis services and products

  • Able to travel to other clinics to provide Medical Service if required

  • Cooperation and team player


Note: Please send your internal application online or by mail to the Human Resources Department in Spain with attention to Isabel Morante ( For a significant screening of your application documents we require your current CV.

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